How Do You Install a Hydro Quad Water Softener?

How Do You Install a Hydro Quad Water Softener?

To install a Hydro Quad water softener, choose an appropriate location, and turn off the water supply. Connect the appropriate water supply pipes to the softener's valves, connect the unit to a power outlet, and fill the softener's tank with pellet salt. Restore water supply, and test the softener for proper functioning.

Install the Hydro Quad water softener near the primary water supply line and drain in the house and preferably next to a power outlet. Begin the installation by turning off water supply at the main valve. Then, turn one faucet on to drain off any water remaining in the pipes.

Connect the pipe that supplies water to the home to the inlet valve of the softener. Also, connect the pipe of the water heater to the outlet valve of the unit. To make a secure connection, clamp the joints with wire snap clamps.

Next, insert the plug of the softener into a power outlet, preferably one that operates without a switch. Put pellet salt in the brine tank of the softener. Use eight bags of the salt for this purpose. Position the bypass valves located at the rear side of the softener upright by turning them.

After restoring water supply, turn a faucet on, and leave it so until the water flow becomes steady.