How Do You Install Hunter Lawn Sprinklers?


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Design the sprinkler layout and mark it, dig the trenches, lay the pipe and electrical wire, install the zone controls and sprinkler heads and attach the water supply to install a Hunter lawn sprinkler system. Once the system has been tested, fill in the trenches. Some installation procedures may vary, depending on the installation grid and optional features used.

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Take any potential obstructions into consideration when designing the layout of your sprinkler system. Elements such as landscaping, tree roots and sidewalks can affect the way the pipes must be run and the location of the sprinkler heads. Also, decide if or where the zones are to be in the yard that you wish to control independently and what type of coverage is needed.

Dig the trenches in the yard with a spade and shovel or a trenching machine, making sure to keep them straight and level. Lay the PVC piping and the electrical wires where necessary to power the zone controls. Attach and seal the zone controls, the electrical connections and the sprinkler heads. Install brass drain valves if there are low spots to avoid standing water in the piping.

Install the flow control system to the water supply line and insert any backflow protection that may be required by local building codes or ordinances. Connect the electrical supply and test the system.

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