How Do You Install a Hunter Fan Remote?


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To install a remote on a ceiling fan, turn off the power, lower the canopy, and connect the neutral and hot wires to the AC-in wires on the receiver, and then the other three wires to the fan and light. Once the receiver is installed, reattach the fan canopy.

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Before installing a ceiling fan remote, turn off the power to the fan at the circuit breaker. Use a voltage sniffer to confirm that the power is off before performing any electrical work. Undo any screws, and lower the ceiling fan canopy. To check the fit, position the remote receiver into the space above the down rod. Many fans that hug the ceiling have space for the receiver, while down-rod styles may not.

Once the fit is confirmed, make the necessary wire connections, as detailed in the instruction manual. The neutral and hot wires from the fan connect to the AC-in wires on the receiver. The other three wires connect to the fan and light. Once the receiver is installed, secure the canopy, and restore the power to the ceiling fan.

Before using the remote, install the batteries. Ceiling fans with universal remotes may experience interference from neighbors, if they are using a similar product. To resolve this issue, adjust the DIP switches in the remote and receiver.

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