How Do You Install a Hotpoint Dryer?


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To install a Hotpoint dryer, establish the gas connection, attach the exhaust tube to the dryer and the wall, and plug the dryer into the electrical outlet. Afterwards, you are ready to start drying your clothes.

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Before starting the installation, go to the breaker box, and turn off the circuit that powers the dryer. Whether setting up a gas or electric dryer, this helps prevent electrocution. If the circuit powers the whole laundry room instead of just the dryer, carry a flashlight or connect a lamp to an extension cord from a different room so you can see to complete the job.

If you're installing a Hotpoint gas dryer, turn off the gas. Put joint compound around the threads on the gas supply valve. Connect a stainless steel adapter to the gas dryer's supply pipe. Slide a flexible gas line into the adapter, and hook the other end to the gas supply line. Use compound or pipe-wrap tape to make the gas line airtight and keep it from moving. Turn the gas on, and apply a light coat of a solution that is half water and half dish soap to the connections. If bubbling occurs, this means the hookup has a leak somewhere, so you need to start over.

Connect the exhaust tube from the vent in the wall to the vent on the back of the dryer. Use a metal bracket or duct tape to hold the tube in place. Plug the dryer into the electrical outlet, and move it into place. Turn the dryer on for about 15 minutes, and then feel the dryer for heat.

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