How Do You Install a Hot Water Heater?

How Do You Install a Hot Water Heater?

Install a new water heater by shutting off the power, removing the old tank, moving the new tank into place, connecting the plumbing and filling the tank. Once the tank is full, leak test and turn on the power.

  1. Turn off the power

    Before beginning work, turn off the power at the circuit box. Leave the power off until you install the new unit and fill it with water.

  2. Remove the old tank

    Shut off the water to the tank. Attach a garden hose to the drain, open it, and drain the tank. Disconnect the water lines to vent the tank and facilitate draining. Once it is empty, move the old water heater out of the way.

  3. Move the new tank into location

    Set the tank in the place formerly occupied by the broken water heater. Use a carpenter's level to make sure the new unit is level. Add shims under the water heater if necessary.

  4. Connect the plumbing

    Install the water heater traps, paying attention to the color-coding and direction arrows. Connect the water lines to the new unit.

  5. Fill the tank

    Open a hot water tap in the home. Open the shut-off valve for the water heater and allow it to fill with water. Once the unit is full, there is an uninterrupted flow from the open tap. Turn off the tap and check for leaks.

  6. Connect the power

    Remove the electrical access panel and connect the wiring for the water heater. Replace the panel and turn on the power.