How Do You Install a Home Porch Awning?

How Do You Install a Home Porch Awning?

To install a home porch awning, choose an awning, mark out the placement directly on the house, install the brackets and slide the awning onto the brackets. if the awning has a motor, connect the cord to a power source.

Awnings can add shade to a porch or patio space. Run through the following steps to install a retractable awning.

  1. Choose the right awning
  2. Awnings come in two forms: manual and automatic. Manual awnings involve opening and closing the awning by hand with a crank, while automatic awnings have motors that do the job using a remote control. Homeowners can also find automatic awnings that have manual cranks, which make them useful in the event of power surges and motor failure. Before purchasing an awning, it is important to ensure that it fits in the available space. Awnings require at least seven and a half feet of space in height and at least six inches of free wall space.

  3. Mark the awning placement
  4. Line up the awning on the wall and level it with the walls and ground. Use chalk to mark each bracket position. Make sure the brackets sit at least seven and a half feet from the ground.

  5. Install the brackets
  6. Working with one bracket at a time, install each bracket in the marked space.

  7. Place the awning on the brackets
  8. Slide the awning onto the brackets and bolt them to keep them in place.

  9. Connect the awning to a power source (optional)
  10. Plug an automatic awning into a power source.