How Do You Install a Home Depot Garage Door Opener Kit?


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To install a Home Depot garage door opener, assemble the carriage tube, power unit and carriage, and install the mounting bracket, metal straps and angle irons. Hang the carriage tube on the metal straps, and install the arm and bracket that opens the garage door.

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Locate the carriage tube, and assemble it according to the instruction manual. Mount the power unit on the carriage tube, and attach any necessary switches, wiring or rail clamps to the power unit. After mounting the power unit, place the carriage on the carriage tube.

To attach the header bracket, measure the area above the garage door, and install the bracket at the recommended height. Install the angle irons and metal straps to the appropriate area of the ceiling, making sure to attach the angle irons to a sturdy rafter in the ceiling. To ensure the angle irons and header bracket are installed properly, open the garage door. If the garage door hits any of the installed pieces, adjust the placement of the installed piece.

Attach the carriage tube to the metal straps with the help of an assistant, and attach the arm and its corresponding bracket to one side of the garage door. Refer to the owner's manual to determine the exact placement of the arm and bracket assembly. Install the safety device on each side of the garage door to complete the installation.

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