How Do You Install a High-Efficiency Bathroom Fan Light Cover?


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To install the cover of a high-efficiency bathroom fan light, insert the spring clips into appropriate spots in the housing. Attaching the cover is one of the final steps in installing a high-efficiency bath fan and light.

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A high-efficiency bath exhaust fan delivers the same volume of air as a standard exhaust fan, but saves up to 80 percent of energy and runs more quietly. The fan light is composed of compact fluorescent bulbs that save extra energy.

Turn off the power source at the main circuit panel before installing the high-efficiency unit. Ensure that the power is turned off by using a circuit tester. Remove the plastic cover of the old unit, and detach the electrical plug connector. Remove the old fan carefully. Unfasten all screws that secure the fixture to the ceiling joists, and remove the exhaust duct from the housing.

Expand the existing hole on the ceiling using a drywall saw. Connect the exhaust duct after securing the mounting bracket to the ceiling joists with screws. Insert the fan and housing to the opening on the ceiling, and hold them temporarily in place with thumbscrews. Fasten the unit permanently by tightening screws into the ceiling joists. After installing the light fixture and the cover, arrange all necessary electrical wiring based on the manufacturer’s directions, and turn on the power to test the fan and light.

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