How Do You Install a Hideaway Wall Bed?


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To install a hideaway wall bed, choose where you want to install the bed, assemble a cabinet, fasten the cabinet to the wall, screw a cradle in place, secure the bed to the cradle, and attach the mounting springs. A screwdriver, screws, a drill, wall plugs and L-brackets are handy for installing a wall bed. Carefully read the instructions that come with the bed before starting the project.

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Pick a safe location to install a wall bed. If the bed doesn't come with a cabinet shell, follow the manufacturer's instructions to erect a cabinet. Position the cabinet against the wall, place L-brackets on the top of the cabinet, and screw the brackets to the wall. Use wood screws to fix the horizontal legs of the brackets to the cabinet.

Place a cradle inside the cabinet according to the manufacturer's instructions, and use a marker to designate the mounting spots for screwing the cradle in place. Remove the cradle, and properly drill holes into the floor via the pre-marked points on the cabinet. Place wall plugs into the holes, and tightly screw the cradle in place.

Attach the bed to the cradle with bearings or roll bars. Use a strong screwdriver to fix counter springs in the matching holes at the top of the cradle and bottom of the bed. Secure the mattress retainers onto the bed.

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