How Do You Install a Hidden Door in a Wall?


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To install a hidden door into a wall, record the dimensions of the door frame, mark and cut the wood, assemble the frame, attach the hinges and mount the wheel, latch and door. The final step is to hide the door with paneling, a bookcase or posters.

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The most important step in building a hidden door is to measure and record the dimensions of the door frame. Measure and record the width, height and depth of the frame, as well as the measurements for the latch. After measuring the dimensions, obtain the wood to build the frame. The lumber for the top and bottom of the door should be the same or a bit larger than the door frame's depth. Other lumber of various sizes is also required, some of which is the same size as the height of the frame.

After cutting the wood, begin to assemble the frame by nailing the center support board to the center of the bottom board. Next, nail the top board to the opposite side of the center support board. After building the rest of the frame, attach the hinges to the door, then mount the latch and wheel, ensuring it is flush with the door. Finally, mount the door and choose the concealment method.

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