How Do You Install Hidden Cabinet Hinges?


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To install hidden cabinet hinges, mark the hinge cups on the doors, pre-drill the holes, install the hinges, mark the hinges on the cabinets, install the mounting plates, and then attach the doors. If needed, you can adjust the hinges left to right, in to out, and up to down.

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  1. Mark the location of the hinge cups

    On the hinge side of the doors, draw a straight line 7/8 inch from the door. Along this line, make two marks, each one 3 1/2 inches from the top and the bottom edge.

  2. Pre-drill the holes

    Mark a depth line 1/2 inch from the end of a 35 mm Forstner bit. Center the drill bit on the intersecting lines marked on the door, and drill 1/2-inch holes. Blow out the dust from the holes.

  3. Attach the hinge cups

    Insert the hinge cup into the hole, and drill pilot holes for the screws with a 7/64-inch self-centering drill bit. Secure the hinges with 5/8-inch #6 wood screws.

  4. Mark the location of the mounting plates

    With shims, position the door in the cabinet, and measure the gap. Mark a vertical line 2 1/4 inches from the front edge of the cabinet. Mark an intersecting horizontal line 3 1/2 inches plus the gap from the top and bottom edges of the cabinet.

  5. Attach the mounting plates

    Position the mounting plates along the intersecting lines marked on the cabinet. Drill the pilot holes, and attach the mounting plates with wood screws.

  6. Install the doors

    With one hand, hold the door open, and hook the hinges onto the mounting places. Then, press down the bars of the hinge until they snap into place.

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