How Do I Install Hexagon Tile?


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To install hexagon tile, place the interlocking sheets down on a flat, even surface after making any necessary measurements. If the tile is unglazed, use a preseal treatment on the floor before applying grout to prevent staining. After the tile is placed and the preseal is applied, apply grout and allow it to dry.

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  1. Take the measurements

    Make the appropriate measurements before buying your materials. Hexagonal tile comes in interlocking sheets, so you need to know how many square feet to buy. Grout and an optional preseal treatment are also needed.

  2. Apply a substrate

    Hexagonal tiles are small and intricate, and they show any bumps, dents and imperfections where they are placed. To prevent this, apply a wood or concrete substrate to the existing flooring to even it out.

  3. Square the tiles

    This step is only necessary if the walls are not perfectly square. Using a pencil, draw a perpendicular line where the tile begins so you may space individual tiles to fit in the imperfect areas.

  4. Space the tiles

    To space the tiles, put down the tile sheets and use the spacers on each side. The most common space left between each tile is 1/8 inch. Spacing is a good way to avoid glaring imperfections in rooms that are asymmetrical, as it makes the pattern more fluid and easier to adjust.

  5. Apply a presealing agent

    If the tile is unglazed, a presealant should be used to prevent the grout from staining the tile. Apply a presealing agent per the directions, and let it dry completely.

  6. Apply the grout

    Unsanded grout is best for the thin spaces between the hexagonal tiles. Apply the grout following the instructions. Wipe the floor clean with a wet sponge after letting the grout sit for at least five minutes, and then wipe off the remaining residue with a dry cloth.

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