How Do You Install a Hellenbrand Water Softener System?


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To install a Hellenbrand water softener system, set the device on a level base. Attach the inlet and outlet to existing plumbing. Place a jumper ground wire on a metal pipe between the inlet and outlet pipe. Connect the drain line to the drain using a 5/8-inch polytube or 3/4-inch female adapter. Install the brine refill flow in the elbow on top of the control valve and the gravity drain line to the side of the brine tank.

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When installing a Hellenbrand water softener system, avoid using oil-based lubricants or spray silicone, especially on lip seals that are red or clear. If pipe threads need to be taped, use Teflon instead of pipe dope or sealants. Connections and caps do not require Teflon tape; the o-rings sufficiently seal the gaps. Pipes for the drain line should be at least 3/4 inches.

Hellenbrand water softeners help to reduce the occurrence of hard water stains. They are fully programmable and have a permanent memory that backs up setting in the event of malfunction. The digital display shows the time, as well as how many gallons of softener are available. Hellenbrand softeners come complete with a brine tank full of softened water that eliminates problems associated with salt bridging and tank cleaning. The equipped drain line is also aerated to eliminate regeneration noise.

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