How Do You Install a Heater Core?


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To install a heater core, remove the defective heater core, attach the replacement heater using screws, and reconnect the intake and outtake hoses to the core. Change other broken engine parts if necessary.

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A heater core typically requires replacement if there’s a leak below the vehicle near the dashboard or if turning on the heater doesn’t produce any hot air. After determining that the core is defective, read the manufacturer’s manual or search online to find the specific location of the heater core in your car as the position varies depending on the model. Find out the exact make, model and year of the heater core to buy the correct replacement.

Allow the engine to cool down in a shaded area for up to an hour to avoid burn injuries during the installation process. Open the car hood, and remove other engine parts as suggested by the manufacturer’s repair manual. Remove the heater core with a screwdriver to unfasten screws and bolts. Detach the intake and outtake hoses, and carefully lift the core. Be sure to avoid spilling any remaining coolant inside the core.

Install the replacement heater core, and reconnect the intake and outtake hoses properly to prevent leakage. Secure the core into place with screws, and change any other defective engine parts that were previously removed.

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