How Do You Install Heated Gutter Cables?


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To install heated gutter cables, form 15-inch open-bottomed triangles of cable along the edge of the roof, securing the cable at the top of each triangle using the provided clips. At the end of the roof, run the cable along the bottom of the gutter and down the downspout. Install the controller box, and plug the controller box into a grounded outlet. If a grounded outlet isn't available, have one professionally installed to ensure the cable operates properly.

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To form the loop pattern, begin at the edge of the roof and secure the end of the cable to a shingle. Run the cable up the roof, secure it with a clip, then back down the roof to form an upside-down V-shape.

At the bottom of the loop, pinch the cable together and secure it with the provided materials. Allow the pinched cable to extend into the gutter. Run the cable back up the roof to form the next loop.

Continue using this pattern, connecting additional cables as needed, to attach cable to the desired sides of the roof. At the end of the roof, run the cable through the gutter and downspouts. Install the controller box under an eave, and plug the cable into the box. Complete the installation by securing the controller box power cord to the exterior wall.

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