How Do You Install a Heat Pump?


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To install a heat pump, homeowners should install the condenser within the wall, locate and mount the air handler, set up the electrical components of the condenser and attach the pump and cover to the unit. A mini-split heat pump provides heating and cooling without using ducts.

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When installing a heat pump, homeowners should choose a location on the exterior portion of the house that is shaded to install the condenser. The condenser unit can be bolted to concrete blocks and rest on the ground or mounted on brackets that are fastened to the wall.

The air handler should be mounted on an interior wall that is approximately 30 feet from the outdoor condenser unit. The mounting plate should be screwed to the studs, and a hole should be drilled through the wall to allow for connection to the outdoor condensing unit. The air handler can be mounted by attaching the control wires, condensate drain hose and refrigerant lines to the unit complete with a protective sleeve to fit the hole in the wall. Taped parts should be fed through the protective sleeve to connect to the exterior condenser unit, and the air handler should be mounted to the plates on the wall.

The outdoor condenser unit should be connected to a control wire from the indoor air handler and to a power cable leading to the breaker panel. A cover panel to hide the connecting wires can be installed on the exterior of the home once the unit is installed.

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