How Do You Install a Heat Exchanger?


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To install a heat exchanger, you need a new heat exchanger, wrench, screwdriver, hardware, pen and paper. Make sure that the power is off at the main breaker before beginning the installation process.

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Wait for the boiler or furnace to cool down and then remove the heater exchanger from the boiler or furnace. The heat exchanger is situated behind a panel on the furnace or boiler. Use a screwdriver to remove the panels in front of the furnace or boiler. Take extra care when handling these panels to avoid cuts.

Use a pen and a paper to write down where each pipe, hose, clamp and other connections to the heat exchanger are fitted. Pictures can also be taken for future referencing. Take off all the fittings connected to the heat exchanger and remove it from the furnace.

To install the new heat exchanger correctly, read the use the pictures and drawings of the previous heat exchanger. Reconnect the hardware, pipes and hoses to the new exchanger. Allow the furnace sit for a couple of hours before replacing the panels and switching on the power. Wear protective gear, gloves and glasses when installing the heat exchanger to avoid cuts and other injuries.

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