How Do You Install HardieBacker Board?

How Do You Install HardieBacker Board?

To install HardieBacker board, cut the panels to size, screw to the wall with galvanized backer board screws, apply fiberglass tape at the seams and seal the seams with a thin-set mortar. Use a level to ensure the boards are set properly before screwing them in place.

To install cement boards around a shower surround:

  1. Measure
  2. Measure the length and width of the shower walls and determine how many panels are needed for installation. Use as many full panels as possible.

  3. Create a template
  4. Use a piece of cardboard to create a template for the tub's handles and spout, as well as the shower head.

  5. Cut the cement board
  6. Use a carbide-tipped blade and jigsaw to score and cut the cement board. For full pieces, score the front of the cement board and push on the back side to break the board. Then cut through the fiberglass mesh. For handle and spout holes, use a carbide jigsaw or hole saw blade to cut the holes.

  7. Check the studs
  8. Use a level to ensure the studs are level with one another, and use a planer to cut down the high spots.

  9. Attach the boards
  10. Use shims between the tub and the boards to create a 1/4-inch gap, and use galvanized screws to attach the boards to the studs. Leave a 1/8-inch gap between the boards.

  11. Seal the seams
  12. Use a fiberglass tape along the seams, and then apply a thin-set mortar over the tape to create the seal.