How Do You Install Hardie Siding?


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To install fiber cement board siding:

  1. Attach building paper
  2. Staple building paper onto the sheathing, ensuring that the top pieces overlap the bottom by at least 2 inches.

  3. Attach furring strips
  4. Mark the length of the frieze board down from the top of the house and nail furring strips above the line, ensuring the bottom strip is 1/4 inch above the line.

  5. Install the frieze board
  6. Cut the frieze board to size with a circular saw and pre-drill the installation holes through the board and into the wall. Attach with nails and apply caulk to the corner lap joint to connect the two boards.

  7. Install the corner boards
  8. Lap the corner boards and use caulk in-between the joint. Nail every 16 inches to install the boards.

  9. Mark for board installation
  10. Use a chalk snap to mark installation lines, keeping the lines straight and level.

  11. Start installation
  12. Install the bottom board along the chalk line, nailing at the studs, 1 inch from the top of the board. Use a butt joint to connect the siding pieces, leaving a small gap at the corner pieces.

  13. Install the siding
  14. Install the siding pieces, starting from the bottom and working up. Cut out notches around windows, doors and electrical boxes. Caulk all edges, add flashing and add drip caps above the windows and doors.

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