How Do You Install a Halogen Light?

Most halogen lights don't have to be installed by a professional. To install the light, you need a screwdriver, a circuit tester and a step ladder. Installation should take no more than one to two hours.

  1. Turn off the power, and remove the old fixture

    Turn off the power to the circuit breaker at the main service panel. Remove the screws, holding the old light fixture's cover in place. Take down the cover and unscrew the light bulb. Loosen the screws holding the fixture base to the ceiling. Carefully remove the screws, pulling down the base to expose the wires connecting the fixture to the power supply. Use the circuit tester to make sure the power is off. Disconnect the wires, and remove the old fixture. Unscrew the ground wire if necessary.

  2. Connect the wires for the halogen light

    Connect the transformer for the new halogen light to the power supply following the manufacturer's instructions. Generally the wires to be connected to each other are the same color. Once the wires are connected, install the metal bar, track or wire that comes with the halogen light to support it.

  3. Insert the new light, and turn on the power

    Plug the halogen light into the fixture, and turn on the power.