How Do You Install a Hallway Light Fixture?


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Install a hallway light fixture by connecting the hot, neutral and ground wires from the light fixture to the connection box on the ceiling. Put the wires inside the box, and use the hardware supplied with the light to attach the light to the ceiling. You need a light fixture with hardware, a stepladder, three wire connectors and a screwdriver.

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  1. Turn off the electricity to the connection box

    From the electric control panel, turn off the circuit breaker to the hallway light. If you are unsure which circuit controls the light, turn the light on, then flip the circuit breaker switches off and on one at a time. Have a helper tell you when the light goes off and on, and flip that switch to off.

  2. Connect the neutral wires

    Connect the white neutral wire in the connection box the to white neutral wire from the light fixture. Hold the two wires side by side, and make sure the wires touch. Screw a wire connector onto the wires.

  3. Connect the live wires

    Connect the black live wire in the connection box to the black live wire from the light. Hold the two wires side by side, and screw a wire connector onto the wires.

  4. Connect the ground wire

    The ground wire, often green, is connected to the screw on the mounting plate inside the connection box. Loosen the screw, and place the wire between the screw and the metal plate. Tighten the screw to hold the wire in place.

  5. Fold the wires into the box

    Tuck the wires into the connection box so the light fixture can fit flush to the ceiling.

  6. Attach the light fixture

    Use the long screws provided with the light fixture and a screwdriver to screw the light fixture to the bracket inside the connection box. Tighten the screws securely.

  7. Install the bulb

    Install the light bulb or bulbs to the fixture. See the manufacturer's specifications for proper bulb size and wattage.

  8. Attach the cover to the fixture

    Attach the cover or shade to the fixture, and flip the electric circuit breaker back to the on position.

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