How Do You Install Gutters on Metal Buildings?


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To install gutters on metal buildings, attach fasteners with a drill and rivets to hold them into place. Place these gutters accurately against the building to allow the gutter to both divert water and seal the gap between the metal roof and walls.

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Use a ladder of an appropriate height to safely install the gutters. Ask a friend for help and get a direct measurement of the eaves using a tape measure. Using aviation snips, trim the gutter to the length of the eaves. Using three self-locking pliers on the mounting flange of the gutter, secure the flange to the roof.

Using a 1/8-inch drill bit in a 3/8-inch drill motor, drill holes through the flange and the roof. Use a rivet gun to insert 1/8-inch blind rivets into each hole. Use a string line pulled along the edge of the gutter to evenly install a second length of gutter. Place a steel gutter strap around the front edge of the gutter, and let the other part of the strap rest along the roof. Install two blind rivets into the strap and the gutter. Finish the installation by evenly inserting three rivets into the lap fastener and the surface of the metal roof.

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