How Do You Install Gutters on a Home?


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To install gutters on a home, mark where the gutters need to be installed using chalk, and cut the gutters to fit the measurements using a hacksaw. Install the brackets for the gutters, determine where the downspout is going to be, cut out an opening there, and install the downspout connector and end cap. Secure the gutters in place, and install the downspout. Fill in all the seams in the structure with sealant, and leave it to dry overnight.

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Before installing gutters, determine which materials are needed for the job. To calculate the total length of gutters needed, measure the length of the roof. If this distance is longer than 40 feet, you are going to have to install the gutter to pitch down from the middle, and end in a downspout at each end. In addition, you are going to need one fascia bracket for every 32 inches of the gutter length.

To draw out the layout line, determine the highest point of the gutter, make a mark 1.25 inches below the roof flashing, find the downspout location, mark this location on the fascia, and determine the slope of the gutter. The slope should be 1/4 inch for every 10 feet of length. To find out how to attach the gutter brackets, consult the manufacturer's instructions for the specific type of gutters you purchase. Use a silicone sealant to install the downspout connector and end cap to the gutter, and secure them in place with short metal screws.

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