How Do You Install a Gutter Downspout?


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To install a gutter downspout, trace the end of the downspout on the gutter, drill a small hole into the center of the circle, and then cut it out. Once the gutter is installed, attach the elbows and downspout with screws or pop rivets, and then add brackets.

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  1. Mark the downspout hole

    Turn the gutter upside down, and trace a circle around the inside of the downspout outlet on the lower end of the gutter.

  2. Cut the hole

    Drill a preliminary 1/4-inch hole in the center of the circle. Then, cut out a 4-inch diameter hole with a hole saw attached to a drill.

  3. Attach the downspout outlet

    Insert the downspout outlet into the hole in the gutter, and attach it with four screws or pop rivets.

  4. Position the elbows

    Attach an elbow to the protruding end of the downspout outlet. Place another elbow against the house, and measure a downspout to fit between the two elbows.

  5. Attach the downspout

    Using needle-nosed pliers, crimp the ends of the elbow to fit in the downspout. With pop rivets or screws, secure the elbows and the downspout.

  6. Add brackets

    For a one-story house, attach two downspout brackets; for a two-story home, use three brackets.

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