How Do You Install a Grounding Rod for Your House?

To install a grounding rod, solder copper wire or a grounding conductor to the rod. Pound the rod all the way into the ground, and connect the other end of the wire or conductor to the circuit that needs to be grounded. The rod needs to be at least 8 feet long and should be pounded into the ground at an angle that does not exceed 45 degrees.

To loosen hard ground and make it easier to pound in the rod, soak the area thoroughly with water, and allow it to set until the water soaks into the ground. If it is still too difficult to drive the rod in after wetting the ground, use a jackhammer with a grounding rod driver. Large home improvement stores, like The Home Depot, offer jackhammers for rent. The Jackhammer Rental Guide lists the cost of renting a jackhammer for 4 hours in the range of $46 to $215, as of 2014.

If the grounding rod cannot be pounded into the ground, install the rod horizontally instead. To install the rod horizontally, dig a hole at least 2 1/2 feet deep and the same length as the rod. Bury the rod in the hole.