How Do You Install in-Ground Pool Steps?


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Install manufactured in-ground pool steps by first excavating the area where the steps are being installed. For an existing pool, this involves removing a portion of the pool walls to accommodate the steps. Level the step with a slight pitch to the back, and then backfill the bracing behind the steps with concrete to prevent shifting.

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The installation process for in-ground pool steps differs for new or existing pools, the type of pool and the material composition of the step. For a new pool, the area for the steps is excavated at the same time as the pool. The steps are anchored with concrete to prevent settling, and the liner is uniformly installed.

Manufactured pool step units typically come in four materials: thermoplastic, vinyl over polymer or steel, acrylic or fiberglass. The first type consists of a shell supported by bleacher-type bracing that supports the unit underneath. It provides an improved sturdiness and rigidty over the other two types. The polymer and steel step units are covered with the vinyl pool liner that also wraps the pool walls. Acrylic and fiberglass prefabricated pool steps have more flex than other materials but are typically cheaper.

Pool step units are generally one of two styles, either cantilever or bullnose. The former uses paving stones to provide step support, while the latter uses a concrete slab.

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