How Do You Install Greenhouse Roof Panels?

How Do You Install Greenhouse Roof Panels?

How Do You Install Greenhouse Roof Panels?

Installing greenhouse roof panels starts with determining the roof pitch to achieve the best roofing result. The second part of the process involves cutting the roof panels into the desired sizes using a saw or garden scissors and drilling holes for easier installation. Then, fix the roof carefully to enhance its durability.

  1. Prepare the roof panel for installation

    Make the recommended degree pitch of 1:5.7. Add extra shielding for panels with a lower-degree pitch to protect them from being degraded by the weather. Cut the panel to the right size using a fine saw or a disk grinder. Drill the holes following the manufacturer’s instructions on drilling dimensions.

  2. Install the roof panel

    After cutting the panels to their required lengths, install the trim of the aluminum to the edge of the roof posts. Do this by sliding the first part of the roof into the channel of the trim. Use silicone to seal the joint.

  3. Fix the panel of the roof

    Fix the roof panels on timber supports using stainless steel screws. The greenhouse roof panels must be installed on every timber support. Tighten all joints to enhance stability of the greenhouse and to maintain a steady pitch of the roof. Click the next roof panel into position on the fixed panel. Ensure that the components are well fixed and that the lengths are well aligned. Repeat the same procedure for the other roof panels.