How Do You Install Green Sheetrock?


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Green sheet rock, also known as green board, is installed in areas exposed to moisture. Put the green board in place and fasten it down with hot-dipped galvanized drywall screws and fiberglass mesh tape. Prior to placing ceramic tile over the green board, coat with a fiber cement. Paint green board using a kitchen and bath enamel.

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  1. Cut and place

    Green board is installed in areas that are exposed to moisture. To fasten it down, use hot-dipped galvanized drywall screws and a screw gun. Place the panels with as few seams as possible. If cutting, score the green board with a knife, and then snap it apart against a straightedge. Cut around pipes using a standard drywall saw.

  2. Tape and seal joints

    Stick fiberglass mesh tape on the seams of the green board, and cover it with drywall compound spread using a drywall knife. Feather the edges to make a smooth joint just as on standard drywall.

  3. Finish with paint and tile

    Prior to covering green board with ceramic tile, cover it using a fiber cement. Never install ceramic tile directly on green board. Doing so allows moisture to penetrate the tile grout joints and causes damage to the green board. When painting the green board, use a water-resistant paint such as a kitchen and bath enamel.

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