How Do You Install Graveside Lights?


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The installation of graveside lights depends on the design of the lamp used. A person can install graveside lights that have smooth bases by mounting them on a granite base and fixing them on flat surfaces using granite sealant. If the grave light is to be mounted on a monument that has rough edges, one can have brackets attached to the base of the light. Graveside lights with ground spikes are installed directly on the ground next to the grave.

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One can install a graveside light immediately after a funeral, on anniversaries or other special days. Depending on a person’s preferences, candles or various solar powered lamps can be used to light graves. While candles are best suited to light graves for short events, such as special occasions and anniversaries, the solar powered lamps can be used for long-term lighting of the grave sites.

Most modern long-term graveside lights are specially designed to provide lasting convenience and durability. However, the harmonious and peaceful effects of traditional candles are also featured in the designs. The simple designs also make them easy to install. Therefore, no expertise is required for their installation, and they typically require little maintenance once they have been installed.

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