How Do You Install Granite Countertops on Your Frigidaire Dishwasher With?


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To secure a dishwasher to a granite countertop, use a special under-the-counter mounting bracket that is affixed to the granite with epoxy or construction adhesive. Some dishwasher manufacturers offer side-mounted brackets so that the dishwasher can be attached to the cabinets on either side, instead of the countertop.

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Since granite can crack if it is drilled, suppliers recommend against installing dishwashers with standard under-the-counter brackets. Some manufacturers offer side-mounted bracket kits. The brackets are attached to the sides of the dishwasher. Use the brackets to pre-drill holes in the cabinets, and then secure the brackets with screws to the cabinet faces on either side of the dishwasher.

If a side-mounted bracket kit is unavailable, appliance stores, such as Home Depot, offer a generic dishwasher undercounter mounting kit that is suitable for granite and other solid surface countertops. With epoxy or construction adhesive, attach this bracket underneath the granite countertop, close to the edge. Once the glue is dry, the dishwasher can be installed, and the top-mounted brackets secured to the under-the-counter bracket.

Instead of a pre-fabricated bracket, affix a strip of plywood to the underside of the granite countertop with epoxy. The standard top-mounted dishwasher brackets can be screwed into the plywood strip instead of the granite.

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