How Do You Install a Granite Counter Top to Bottom Cabinets?

In order to install a granite counter top to bottom cabinets, measure for and order the slabs, install plywood, cut the granite to fit, glue down and seal the seams. Take precise measurements when ordering the slab to ensure accuracy during installation.

In order to install a granite counter top to bottom cabinets:

  1. Measure and order
  2. To install a granite slab, first take careful and precise measurements of the counter, including the open area for the sink. Then order the granite slab from a granite supplier.

  3. Install the plywood base
  4. Carefully install 3/4-inch plywood on top of the bottom cabinets to hold the granite. Keep the plywood flush with the front of the cabinets and screw into place.

  5. Cut the granite
  6. The granite slabs may need to be cut prior to installation. Use large paper sheets to create a template for the counters and place on the granite slabs. Cut the slabs with a diamond blade on a circular saw to match the paper template. Then dry fit the granite into place.

  7. Install the sink
  8. Cut out the plywood to accommodate the sink and remove the granite. Install the sink into place and put the granite back in place.

  9. Level and attach the slabs
  10. Adjust the height of the slab as necessary to ensure the seams line together perfectly. Then glue the slabs into place using silicone, paying special attention around the sink.

  11. Seal the seams
  12. Mix color with a polyester-based resin until the desired color is achieved. Protect the surface around the seams with masking tape and apply the resin to the seams. Remove the tape and allow the resin to dry. Use a seam stone to smooth out the joints.