How Do You Install Grab Bars Around a Tub?

Install grab bars around a tub by locating the studs, drilling through the tub surround, installing the brackets and attaching the bars. If the studs are not in the right location for the bars, use wall anchors to install the brackets.

Determine the best location for the bars. Install one bar vertically at the entry to provide a grasp for individuals getting into the tub or shower. Add horizontal bars at the appropriate height for the individual. If he plans to use the bath, a lower bar provides support as he stands. If he plans to shower only, install the horizontal bar higher.

Use a stud locator to find the studs in the wall. The locator finds studs by detecting the metal nails. Use the bracket and a permanent marker to mark the location to drill the bracket holes. Use a drill bit for glass or ceramic tiles to drill through the surround without cracking the tile. If installing with wall anchors, ensure the space behind the wall is large enough for opening of the anchor to provide sturdy support.

Attach the bracket to the anchor using the setscrews. Check the bars regularly and tighten the screws as necessary so they remain tightly attached and secure.