How Do You Install a Goodman Heat Pump System?


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Homeowners can install a Goodman heat pump system by locating an interior area adjacent to an exterior location where a three-inch hole can be drilled for coils and wires. The outdoor compressor unit should be installed near the exterior of the home, and the air handler can be mounted indoors.

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The first step in installing a Goodman heat pump involves pouring a concrete base on the exterior of the home to house the outdoor compressor unit. The unit should be approximately one foot from the home in the shade without obstructions from shrubbery.

The air handler should be mounted and fastened to an interior wall, and a hole to connect the coils and wires should be drilled from the interior to the exterior. Homeowners should attach the refrigerant lines, condensate drain hose and control wires from the air handler to the outdoor unit by inserting the coils through the three-inch hole in the wall. The wires and lines should be coated with a protective sleeve or insulation.

The wires, lines and coils should be connected from the indoor air handler to the outdoor unit of the heat pump. A connecting wire leading to the electrical panel in the home must be attached to operate the unit.

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