How Do You Install Glass Blocks in a Bathroom?


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Install glass blocks in a bathroom by determining the number of blocks to purchase, creating a solid base, laying the courses and adding the finishing blocks. Use blocks to create a wall for a walk-in shower, or add a privacy window for light.

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How Do You Install Glass Blocks in a Bathroom?
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Blocks are available in either 6-inch or 8-inch common blocks. These blocks have four unfinished sides and form the bulk of the wall. Edges and corners require special blocks that are finished on one or two sides.

If building a shower wall, install the shower base first, using tile. Begin the first course of glass blocks on the tile using mortar to hold it in place. Use a level to ensure the blocks are level both horizontally and in both vertical directions. Place white spacers between the blocks to maintain an even distance on all sides.

Continue adding more courses of blocks to reach the desired height, leaving room for the finishing blocks. Use a sponge to wipe away any excess mortar from the wall. Add the finishing blocks to complete the project.

When using the blocks for a window, use prefabricated block channels installed inside a frame. Use clear silicon caulk to seal between the blocks so outside air does not infiltrate the room.

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