How Do You Install a Glass Block Wall?

How Do You Install a Glass Block Wall?

How Do You Install a Glass Block Wall?

Install a glass block wall by measuring the area for the wall and using eight-inch blocks. Arrange the blocks on a table or on the floor before beginning and make the frame to fit. Install the frame and attach the glass using glass-block mortar.

Installing a glass block wall adds light to an otherwise dark room. Follow the instructions below to complete the work on an existing opening.

  1. Measure the opening
  2. Measure the opening and calculate how many eight-inch blocks it takes to fill the space.

  3. Arrange the blocks using spacers
  4. Arrange the blocks on a table using spacers. Make a frame with one-inch by six-inch boards to enclose the blocks.

  5. Assemble the frame
  6. Assemble the frame using nails or wood screws.

  7. Attach the frame
  8. Making sure the frame is level, attach the frame to the opening.

  9. Mix the glass-block mortar
  10. Mix the mortar according to the directions on the package. Spread it on the bottoms and edges of the glass blocks and squeeze it into the corners using the spacers. Continue this from left to right until the first row is complete.

  11. Attach the metal retaining strips
  12. Screw the metal retaining strips onto the side frame. Bend them into place to fit between each row of blocks.

  13. Attach the reinforcing strip to the mortar
  14. Apply more mortar to the first row of glass blocks. Push the reinforcing strip to the mortar until it is no longer visible.

  15. Finish laying the blocks
  16. Lay the next rows of glass blocks, adding mortar and reinforcing strips where required, and keep going up to the top.

  17. Clean up the mortar
  18. After allowing the mortar to set for a few minutes, use a sponge and warm water to clean it off of the glass blocks.

  19. Use caulk
  20. After the mortar hardens, use a bead of caulk around the perimeter of the block wall.

  21. Install molding
  22. Install molding to cover the gap between the frame and the wall. Fill and paint as desired.