How Do You Install a GE Water Heater?


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GE suggests replacing standard water heaters with the GeoSpring Hybrid-Electric Residential Water Heater, which can be installed in a clean, dry area that is protected from freezing temperatures. Before proceeding further, determine whether the inlet water line has a check valve to prevent the hot water from increasing internal pressure.

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How Do You Install a GE Water Heater?
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Known as thermal expansion, the increased pressure caused by hot water can be dealt with through an open water system that allows the water to flow backwards into the city main. However, in a closed water system, an expansion tank may need to be added between the water heater and the check valve.

Next, the water supply line must be installed. Typically, the hot and cold water connections are clearly marked, and the cold water line has a shut-off valve installed for easy maintenance in the future.

When filling the water heater, make sure the tank is not on. To prevent damage, never turn the tank on when it is empty or partially empty, as this risks damage that is not covered by GE's warranty. Begin by closing the drain valve completely, then open the shut-off valve in the cold water line. The tank is full when hot water comes steadily out of the faucets.

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