How Do You Install a GE Spectra Electric Range?


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GE ranges should always be installed by a recognized and licensed plumber. For safety, the windows should be left open and any open flame should be extinguished.

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To install ranges, the electrode leads are inserted through each opening in the top of the cook followed by lowering of the top into the front clips. Next, each of the electrode clips is inserted into the orifice brackets. The orifice brackets are then lined up with the holes found in the cook top and the screws started to secure the cook top fixing into the orifice holders.

The electrode leads are regularly checked to avoid pinching between the cook top and the orifice holder. This should be done immediately before tightening the screws. The electrode wires are reconnected before pushing into their respective positions.

Switching cookware from one burner to another requires an intelligent balancing so as to avoid spilling the contents. The top hinge pins are always inserted into their corresponding slots since the slots vary in size. Moreover, before performing any of these steps, the installation instructions packed with the product should always be consulted to ensure perfection. As a warning, the air openings of the range should not be blocked since they provide the air inlet and outlet for correct combustion required.

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