How Do You Install a GE Monogram Ice Maker?


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To install a GE Monogram ice maker, set up the filtration system and water supply, push the appliance into place, connect the water line to the ice maker, and connect the ice maker to a drain. If the room does not have a floor drain, install a water pump.

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Push the water filter into the back of the ice maker, and lock it into place. Push the ice maker part of the way into its space, and use the adjustable feet to level the appliance.

Turn the water supply off. Attach one end of the water line to the cold water supply, and connect the other end to the ice maker's supply tube. Twist the compression nut with your hand until it is tight. Straighten the tube, and turn the water supply on to look for leaks.

Insert a standpipe and a drain reducer into the floor drain. Slide the ice maker into place, making sure that the appliance's drain pipe is centered directly over the stand pipe. If you do not have a floor drain, install a drain pump kit.

If necessary, reverse the ice maker's door swing by moving the hinges from one side to another. Flip the top hinge upside down before installing on the opposite side. Switch the door catch to the opposite side and install the door.

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