How Do You Install a GE Dryer Belt?

To install a GE dryer belt, lift up the dryer lid, take off the front cover, cut off the old belt, remove the drum, and put on the new belt. Replace the drum into the dryer, reattach the pulley, and replace the front cover.

  1. Raise the lid

    Disconnect the dryer from the electrical outlet. Slip a putty knife into the seam of the lid, and press down on the clips securing the lid. While the clips are pressed, lift up the lid.

  2. Remove the front cover

    Disconnect the electrical door switch from the front of the dryer. Undo the screws securing the front cover. Pull the cover up and away from the dryer.

  3. Replace the dryer belt

    Using scissors, cut the old belt off of the drum, and then pull out the drum. Wrap a new belt around the drum.

  4. Insert the drum

    Rest the drum on the rollers, and attach a bungee cord to the front of the drum and the back of the dryer. Fit the idle pulley into the grooves in the dryer cabinet. Then thread the dryer belt through the idle pulley, and loop it around the drive shaft. Now you can remove the bungee cord.

  5. Replace the front cover and lid

    Screw the front cover back onto the dryer, and bring the lid down so that it clips back into place.