How Do You Install a GE Dehumidifier?

How Do You Install a GE Dehumidifier?

General Electric dehumidifiers are standalone units, so installation is not necessary. The dehumidifier must be placed 12 to 18 inches away from a wall on a flat surface.

GE dehumidifiers need to be placed in enclosed areas for effectiveness. When running the dehumidifier, users should close all windows, doors and other external openings to the room. When put into its first use, the dehumidifier needs to run continuously for 24 hours.

The dehumidifier works by drawing moist, humid air over a refrigerated coil. The moisture condenses on the coil and drains into a bucket. It is possible to set up a GE dehumidifier with a hose that drains into a drainage hole. To do this, users should remove the bucket and thread a garden hose onto the nozzle inside the unit. The other end of the garden hose should lead to the floor drain.

As of 2015, GE manufactures four dehumidifier models, and all of them are standalone units. The models change according to bucket capacity and their capacity of dehumidification. Bucket capacity ranges from 9.5 pints to 17.5 pints. Dehumidification ranges from 30 to 70 pints.

GE dehumidifiers are made to reduce the humidity in places such as laundry rooms and kitchens, though they can also be used to dry out temporarily damp spaces. They also preserve books and valuable that are sensitive to moisture.