How Do You Install Gas Logs?


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To install gas logs, disconnect gas supply to the fireplace, cover the burner pan with sand, put rock wool and vermiculite over the sand, put the grate on top of the burner pan, and attach the logs to the pan. Igniting the fireplace and testing the logs completes this process.

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Start by gathering the necessary material for the task, including sand, rock wool and vermiculite. Once the materials are in place, be certain to cut off the gas supply to the fireplace for safety. Spread a layer of sand over the burner pan, typically located at the fireplace's base, and take care to evenly lay the sand. The sand layer facilitates evenness in flame production and keeps the gas line from hissing. To ensure a crackling effect when the flame burns, set the rock wool and vermiculite on top of the sand layer.

Next, set the grate on the burner pan top and connect the burner pan with the logs, taking care to connect all the pins to their respective holes. You should be able to see the rock wool and vermiculite from underneath the logs after the installation. Finally, reconnect the gas supply to the fireplace and test the new setup.

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