How Do You Install a Gas Furnace Rollout Switch?


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A gas furnace roll-out switch is installed by connecting the electrical wires of the roll-out switch to the furnaces internal power unit circuit. The switch is secured on the outside by a couple of metal strips with two holes at both ends.

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The switch is installed closer to the furnace’s electrical control box. Most furnace roll-out switches are nonadjustable but can be reset manually. This device is used to maintain temperature and limit ignition of the furnaces in case of fire or an overheat condition. They shut down the furnace and cease the operation during incidents involving flame roll. The switch is reset by simply pressing the button on the switch only after the furnace has cooled.

It is important to carry out a function test on the roll-out switch. The test is carried out during normal operation. Put a flame on the disc part of the roll-out switch, on top of the switch. The switch is expected to stop the functioning of the furnace when the temperature exceeds the limit set for normal operation. It is also advisable to contact the furnace service provider company or a qualified technician to inspect the furnace and ensure the correct installation is done to avoid any hazardous incidents emanating from improper installation.

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