How Do You Install a Front Screen Door?

How Do You Install a Front Screen Door?

To install a front screen door, obtain a screen door that fits the front door opening; attach the surface-mounted hinges, door handle and latches appropriately; and place the screen door in the frame. Finally, attach the door closers, and ensure the door shuts and opens easily.

Begin installing a front screen door by measuring the height and width of the inner side of the front door opening using a measuring tape. Buy a screen door of a suitable size. If the width of the screen door is greater than that of the door's opening, trim it equally on both sides using a hacksaw.

To attach the door hinges, check if the door's frame has holes pre-drilled into it. If not, drill the holes using a power drill, and screw a minimum of three hinges into the frame. Also, drill corresponding holes into the screen door to attach the hinges. Ensure the holes in the door frame and door are aligned, and affix the hinges using screws.

Next, affix the handle and latches to the door and its frame, respectively. Position and fit the screen door in the frame. You may need assistance when doing this. Ensure the door fits comfortably in the frame. If required, take out the door, trim it, and refit it in the frame.

Attach the pneumatic or hydraulic closers provided with the screen door. If the screen door doesn't operate smoothly, make appropriate adjustments.