How Do You Install a Frigidaire Wall Oven?


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To install a Frigidaire wall oven, the oven needs to be measured and an opening cut in the cabinetry. Once the hole is cut, the oven's wires are connected, and the wall oven is placed in the opening and secured to the cabinetry with screws.

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Before installing a wall oven, it's important to review the manual and check for the dimensions and any special installation requirements. If the cut-out dimensions are not provided, they can be found by measuring across the top and bottom and along the sides. Typically, the depth is a standard 24 inches, but this measurement can be confirmed by measuring from the front edge to the back of the oven.

Once the cut-out dimensions are determined, the opening can be marked on the wall with a tape measure and then cut with a reciprocating saw. Before connecting the wires, the circuit breaker to the oven's location needs to be turned off. Then, the electric wires from the wall oven are connected to the wires in the home.

After the oven is connected, it can be lifted into the opening so that the flange rests against the face of the cabinet. The flange has several mounting holes that can be used as guides to pre-drill holes in the cabinetry. The oven is secured to the wall with screws through the flange and the cabinet. Once the oven is installed, trim pieces and the door are added before turning on the power.

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