How to Install a Frigidaire Gas Range?

How to Install a Frigidaire Gas Range?

To a install Frigidaire gas range, turn off the gas to the old range, disconnect the flexible connector between the range and the gas line, and then connect the new range with new fittings. If a gas line and valve are not installed, contact a local plumber to install them.

Wrap the threads of the gas pipe with yellow Teflon tape. Remove the end connector fitting from the flexible connector, and wrap the Teflon tape around the unbeveled end. Attach the taped end of the connector to the gas line.

Wrap Teflon tape around the range's gas port, and screw on a 1/2 by 1/2-inch street elbow, which has a male and a female end. Apply Teflon tape to the other end of the street elbow and to the unsecured end of the flexible connector. Then, secure the end of the connector to the elbow.

With a wrench, tighten the two connector nuts at each end of the flexible connector, while holding the tube straight. To avoid an improper seal, do not use Teflon tape on the beveled edges of the connector fittings.

Once the range is connected, turn on the gas and light the burners for a minute. To test for hazardous gas leaks, spray the connection joints with a gas leak detector product. Warm water that is thick with soap can also be applied to the joints, and the appearance of soap bubbles indicates a gas leak.