How Do You Install French Doors?

How Do You Install French Doors?

To install French doors, remove the old door frame with a pry bar and hammer, install a new door frame, drill pilot holes, and tack up the new frame with nails. Check that the French doors fit, make any adjustments, and attach the frame with screws. Then hang the door.

  1. Pry off the old door frame

    Using a hammer and a pry bar, carefully remove the trim. Mark the location of each piece before setting it aside. With a level and carpenter's square, check that the doorway is square and true.

  2. Add the new door frame

    Construct the new door frame and place shims between the wall and the frame. Drill pilot holes through the door frame and the shims. Temporarily secure the frame with nails, driving them only as far as is necessary to hold the frame.

  3. Check the fit of the new doors

    Lift the doors into position inside the door frame and look to see if they fit properly. If needed, make adjustments to the frame and shims.

  4. Attach the door frame

    Remove the tack nails, and secure the door frame with wood screws.

  5. Hang the doors

    Once the frame is installed, you can hang the doors. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for attaching the hardware and hanging the doors.