How Do You Install French Door Double Screens?


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Screen doors for French doors can either slide open on tracks or swing open on hinges. In either case they should be installed opposite the doors. For example, if the French doors open inwards, the screens should be installed on the outside. The tracks for sliding screens can either be part of the threshold plate or installed separately. The screens can then be slotted into the tracks. Hinged screens should be attached to the door molding.

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Many French doors are installed with threshold plates that include tracks for screen doors. Even if the existing threshold plate lacks such tracks, installing a new plate is relatively easy. Alternatively, install standalone tracks above and below the door frame.

Hinges can only be attached to certain molding materials, primarily wood. As such, installing hinged screens may require replacing the existing door molding. It may be preferable to use spring hinges, which will help to hold the screen doors shut. Consider installing a catch for each screen door in order to hold them open when desired.

A common issue when installing screen doors with French doors in the size of the door handles. Measure these before starting installation to ensure that the screens and handles will not obstruct each other.

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