How Do You Install a Freeze-Resistant Faucet?


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To install a freeze-resistant faucet, decide on where to install the faucet, drill a hole into the siding, insert the faucet into the hole, and secure the faucet to the siding with screws. Turn off the water to the pipe that supplies the faucet, drain the pipe, solder a copper tee to the pipe, connect the tee to the faucet, and turn on water. Check for leaks.

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Choose a location that is easily accessible and close to a 3/4-inch cold-water pipe. Use a 1-inch spade bit to drill a hole onto the siding. Be sure to chisel the hole first if the siding is stucco. Slip the appropriate end of a frost-proof faucet into the siding, fasten the faucet in place with 1 1/2-inch wood screws, and apply silicon caulk around the flange of the faucet.

Turn off the water supply to the 3/4-inch pipe, and cut the pipe to drain out water. Facing toward the faucet, solder a 3/4-inch copper tee to the pipe with a torch and lead-free solder, fix the tee to the faucet, and secure with a wrench and coupling. Once all components of the water line are fixed, apply soldering flux to all joints, open the faucet to let heat out, and solder all the joints. Close the faucet, and turn on water.

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