How Do You Install a Franke Sink?

Installing a Franke sink requires the following tools: Phillips-head screwdriver, silicone sealant, adjustable wrench, drill, jigsaw, gloves, measuring tape and file. In one afternoon you can remove the old sink and install the new sink.

  1. Remove the old sink

    Shut off water supply valves under the sink. Place a stopper in the sink and turn the faucet on. Let the water flow until it stops on its own. Disconnect water supply lines from the water supply valves. Disconnect the drain fitting from the waste traps. Remove clips around underside of old sink. Lift out the old sink.

  2. Prepare the counter top

    Check the dimensions of the hole in the counter top to see if they accommodate the new sink. Place the new sink into the hole and check if the sink rim lays evenly on the counter top. If not, carefully use a file or jigsaw to adjust. Remove the new sink.

  3. Apply the mounting clips

    On a clean surface, turn the sink upside down. Attach clips over the pre-drilled holes with clip jaws facing the sink's edge. Make sure the clips are fully seated and turn them parallel to the sink rim.

  4. Install accessories

    Place sealant around faucet base and under the drain's top flange. Then, attach faucet and drain to the sink.

  5. Insert sink and tighten clips

    With sink upside down, place sealant around rim. Tuck clips in. Lift sink and lower it into the counter lining the front rim with the front of the sink. Place clips back in original position and tighten them under the sink (alternating sides). Wipe up sealant.

  6. Connect the sink and check installation

    Connect water supplies, strainer, drain and trap assembly. Check the installation from leaks by running the water. If leaks appear, tighten joints.