How Do You Install a Formica Bathroom Vanity?


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Installing a Formica bathroom vanity can be completed within 2 hours. The job requires a cordless drill, a jig saw, a belt sander, drill bits, adhesive caulk and deck screws. An appropriate hole must be cut before the unit is inserted and secured into place./

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  1. Mark the position for the sink

    The sink basin must clear the vertical front of the cabinets. Mark the depth of the overhang and the counter thickness on a piece of tape attached to the front edge of the vanity. Using the template provided by the sink manufacturer, mark the profile of the sink on the bottom of the Formica, centering as desired. Take care to avoid the tape mark, and leave enough room at the back of the vanity for cleaning.

  2. Cut the sink hole

    Drill a starter hole inside the cutting line on the template. Cut halfway around the template using a jigsaw power tool. Reverse directions, and cut the remainder of the laminate. Brace the cut section to avoid breaking away or peeling the laminate.

  3. Insert and caulk the sink

    Flip the counter over and test fit the sink. Use the belt sander to sand, moving into the Formica to prevent peeling. Apply caulk on the underside of the sink rim, and press down. Smooth the caulk if needed

  4. Attach the counter

    Attach the counter to the cabinet with deck screws at the corner mounting brackets and along the underside of the counter. Don't pierce the top of the Formica.

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